Camellia Spike

This spike design is inspired by camellia. The product design is very beautiful and popular with female consumers. At present, the spike has obtained the EU/US/RU patent. Our signature spikes are made super sharp using 100% virgin HIPS. The flower spike won’t bend or go blunt. Every spike on the acupressure mat is individually attached using a special clip technique. Built to withstand the pressure of daily sessions, year-on-year, no matter your size or weight. Crafted with superior design for durability and optimal benefits.

Acupressure mat set application
Find clarity and focus while relieving stress, tension, and muscle aches with a therapeutic acupressure mat and pillow combo

Whether you’re sitting behind a computer screen for hours on end, need to de-stress in the middle of a long work day, or just want to relieve painful pressure in your neck and shoulders from sitting in a car too long, you need supportive tools that make it easy to stimulate blood flow and enhance your relaxation.

That’s why we developed the TimeBeeWell Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set that uses customized lotus-shaped spikes and ergonomic designs to help relieve muscle tension, reduce the strain put on your neck, back, and shoulders, and restores your natural daily focus.

Better yet, it can restore deeper, more relaxing sleep by allowing your body to let go of extra stress while improving blood flow throughout your body.

Perfect for home, travel, or on-the-go use, this is the ultimate solution for relieving tension headaches, restoring a sense of calming euphoria, and feeling better after long trips, tough days at work, or when you’re ready for a better night’s rest.

Massage on the NBdreamlotus acupressure kit blends seamlessly into everyday life. And it affects health quite noticeably!

The characteristic of Mountains spikes:
–super sharp
–without any glue
–Very popular in US/EU market
–Patent protected
–Reach text confirmed
–Popular with female consumers

Material 100% HIPS
Dia 30mm
nails of Spike 25pcs
Weight: 2.2g/pcs
Characteristics Non-toxic, Eco-friendly

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