Daisy Spike

This spike design is inspired by daisy. The product design is very beautiful and popular with female consumers. At present, the spike has obtained the EU/US patent. Our signature spikes are made super sharp using 100% virgin HIPS. The flower spike won’t bend or go blunt. Every spike on the acupressure mat is individually attached using a special clip technique.

Benefits of Acupressure Mat and Pillow
1. Reduce pain in the back, neck, shoulders, hips, and joints.

2. Improved circulation. Improved Digestion.

3. Increased energy levels.

4. Deep sense of relaxation.

5. Relaxing muscles and joints. Decreased muscular tension.

6. Minimizing headaches. Reduce blood pressure.

7. Increased levels of endorphin. A positive mental outlook.

8. Increased uptake of oxygen.

9. Improve sleep and relieve insomnia.

The characteristic of Mountains spikes:
–super sharp
–without any glue
–Very popular in EU market
–Patent protected
–Reach text confirmed
–Popular with female consumers

Material 100% HIPS
Dia 27mm
nails of Spike 23pcs
Weight: 1.7g/pcs
Characteristics Non-toxic, Eco-friendly
Popular color White

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