Mountains Spike

This spike design is inspired by mountains and pyramids. The tops of the nails are very sharp but do not damage the skin. At present, the spike has obtained the EU/US/RU patent. Our signature spikes are made super sharp using first-class ABS – they won’t bend or go blunt. Every spike on the acupressure mat is individually attached using a special clip technique. Built to withstand the pressure of daily sessions, year-on-year, no matter your size or weight. Crafted with superior design for durability and optimal benefits.

Acupressure mat set application
For Back & Neck Pains
Lying on the 29” (75 cm) long deep tissue massager mat for 20 minutes a day releases the tension in your muscles and aids your body in its vital healing. The solution for chronic pain relief.

For Shoulder Pains
Thousands of spikes are precisely located on the padded acupressure mat to gently press into your back, neck and head.

For a Good Night Sleep
The acurpessure mat serenity sleep induction mat is the best aid to cure insomnia.

For Headaches & Migraines
The Acupressure mat works wonders to align your spine and at healing aches and pains, such as headaches and lower back aches! Use the pillow for neck pains. You deserve this relaxation holistic gift!

The characteristic of Mountains spikes:
–super sharp
–won’t bend or go blunt
–Very popular in US/EU market
–Patent protected
–Reach Text confirmed

Material 100% HIPS
Dia 30mm
nails of Spike 25pcs
Weight: 2.3g/pcs
Characteristics Non-toxic, Eco-friendly

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