Peony Spike

This spike design is inspired by Peony. The product design is very beautiful and popular with female consumers. At present, the spike has obtained the US patent. Our signature spikes are made super sharp using 100% virgin HIPS. The flower spike won’t bend or go blunt. Every spike on the acupressure mat is individually attached using a special clip technique.

Acupressure mat Application

  • 1.PAIN RELIEF: The gentle, painless pressure of the mat allows your body to release endorphins that relieve back pain and neck pain.
  • 2.MUSCLE RELAXATION: Acupuncture massage helps relax the muscles of your body, creats energy flow or life force within the body.
  • 3.PROMOTE BLOOD CIRCULATION: Acupressure massage mat will stimulate your skin, and promote blood circulation. And then your body is to start breaking down toxins, so please remember to drink water after using.

The characteristic of Mountains spikes:
–super sharp
–without any glue
–Very popular in US market
–Patent protected
–Reach text confirmed
–Popular with female consumers

Material 100% HIPS
Dia 30mm
nails of Spike 30pcs
Weight: 2.2g/pcs
Characteristics Non-toxic, Eco-friendly
Popular color Wturquoise Spike

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